Each workshop below is optimized for a group of up to 30 participants; if you have a larger group, let us know, and we'll do our very best to accommodate you.


the think improv workshop (customized just for you)

After an upfront consultation during which we listen closely to the ways in you seek to strengthen your team, we'll design and deliver a custom 2-hour workshop packed with targeted exercises and facilitated discussion. Popular skill sets to target include communication, collaboration and teamwork, creativity and innovation, leadership, flexibility and resilience. Follow-up support is included to help you put the ideas from your training into practice.

Workshop Uncertainty.jpg

improv for navigating uncertainty 

Perfect for teams whose department, organization and/or entire industry is faced with major change, this 90-minute workshop equips individuals to tap into their resilience, flexibility and creativity to successfully navigate uncertain waters. With the help of deceptively simple improv games, participants will learn that it’s possible to thrive amid ambiguity. 



Perfect for teams whose work involves presenting ideas to internal or external stakeholders, customers or potential customers, or on the conference circuit. This 90-minute workshop instills confidence and teaches concrete techniques for establishing presence, developing a rapport with your audience, and delivering information in impactful ways.

Workshop Collaboration.jpg

improv for collaboration

Perfect for teams that are new to working together and/or struggling to work together effectively, this 90-minute workshop equips participants with concrete techniques for working constructively with a range of personalities to achieve shared goals.