Improv training to unleash your team's potential

THINK IMPROV provides improv trainings that help teams build their skills and perform at their best. 

Grounded in the worlds of improv and business, we bring our experience consulting to Fortune 500 companies, prominent nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to bear for your organization. We're also SXSW audience favorites, veteran improvisers, and experienced trainers who know how to get teams of all sorts of people learning and having fun together.

Meet the team

Amanda Hirsch

Jordan Hirsch


Day job: Content and communications consultant
Areas of expertise: Digital storytelling, editorial strategy, collaboration, social media strategy, content marketing
Clients include: PBS, TED, SYPartners
Superpowers: Writing, napping
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Day job: Digital strategy consultant
Areas of expertise: Goal-setting, technology planning, stakeholder alignment, content management
Clients include: United Nations, Johnson & Johnson, Time Inc, Estee Lauder Companies
Superpowers: Singing, baking
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We created THINK IMPROV in response to audience demand following a series of improv workshops we led at SXSW. When we aren't connecting the dots between improv and business, we can be found working day jobs that bolster our business expertise. We've consulted and worked for organizations including PBS, The Clinton Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Time Inc., TED, and the United Nations. We also perform improv regularly, including the two-person show Til Death, which pokes fun at old married couples like us (exactly like us, in fact), and are a comedy-writing team

The THINK IMPROV origin story

Back in 2009, we gave a talk at SXSW called "Improv Lessons for Freelancers" to help our self-employed brethren learn to roll with unpredictability more gracefully, master client communication, and gain confidence in how they presented themselves. 

That talk was voted an audience favorite. We returned twice more to SXSW to spread the improv love. People started asking if they could hire us to come talk at their businesses, and THINK IMPROV was born.

In our day jobs as strategy and content consultants, we know first-hand how important collaboration, communication, and inspiration are to effective teamwork. It's deeply rewarding to be able to share the transformational power of improv to activate teams and bring more joy to people's workdays.