THINK IMPROV - Where improv meets business

Why we're different than other corporate improv training:

We don't just know improv — we know business. And we know how they connect.

Many improv comedy theaters offer corporate training, however, their trainers often lack professional experience outside of comedy or theater. By contrast, we bring to the table not just improv expertise but also deep experience in consulting, management, training, facilitation, professional collaboration, running effective meetings, communication strategy, content development and more. And we've been voted SXSW audience favorites, to boot.

With THINK IMPROV, you don't just get a fun training — you get a fun training targeted to your business.

Meet the team

Co-founders and wife/husband team Amanda and Jordan Hirsch created THINK IMPROV in response to audience demand following a series of improv workshops they led at SXSW. Pairing their love of improv with their passion for helping people show up at their best in life and at work, Jordan and Amanda have helped clients in the media, publishing, nonprofit, and advertising industries to bring their best selves to work.

When they're not connecting the dots between improv and business, the Hirsches can be found working day jobs that bolster their business expertise. They also perform improv regularly, including the two-person show Til Death, which pokes fun at old married couples like themselves. Exactly like themselves, in fact.

Amanda Hirsch

Day job: Content and communications consultant
Areas of expertise: Digital storytelling, editorial strategy, collaboration, social media strategy, content marketing
Clients include: PBS, TED, SYPartners
Superpowers: Writing, napping
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Jordan Hirsch

Day job: Digital strategy consultant
Areas of expertise: Goal-setting, technology planning, stakeholder alignment, content management
Clients include: United Nations, Johnson & Johnson, Time Inc, Estee Lauder Companies
Superpowers: Singing, baking
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The THINK IMPROV origin story

In 2009 we got home from our third or fourth year at SXSW and decided, "Next year, we should be speakers." We asked ourselves, "What do we know about?" Well, as improv actors and coaches, we knew about improv comedy, and as freelance consultants with a decade of experience in the digital media and nonprofit sectors, we knew about freelancing. It was decided: We would submit a proposal for a talk called "Improv Lessons for Freelancers." Fast-forward a year and the talk was voted an audience favorite. From there, we returned twice more to SXSW, giving talks about how improv can help people navigate change, and live better lives in general. People started asking if they could hire us to come talk at their businesses, so, without any intention of making this a full-time gig, we hung out our shingle as THINK IMPROV. All these years later, it's still our favorite side gig (and we still have that shingle).

In our experience, everyone can benefit from the lessons improv has to offer. In our day jobs, we repeatedly see people struggle to communicate their ideas clearly, or to work effectively with each other to develop ideas or execute projects — and of course, we stumble sometimes, ourselves. Given how much time people spend at work, we genuinely believe that if you can help make someone's job more fun and rewarding, you're doing something not only positive but also impactful. We love the look on people's faces when they experience first-hand the transformational power of improv, and love hearing about the ways our work helps our clients.